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New Dancers in Landscape website

Since 2010 I’ve been a core and founder member of Dancers in Landscape. Now we have a lovely new website Dancers in Landscape


Towards Making the Body All Eyes

Following popular request, this introductory movement class returns to Small World Theatre. Join Jo Shapland for an all day class designed to prepare and awaken your bodymind through Asian martial/meditation arts and dance. This inspiring class includes elements of Chinese t’aichiquan, Indian yoga and the closely related martial art kalarippayatu. It is suitable for people with different levels of physical ability and not necessarily with any previous experience, and it is hoped that long-term practice will build confidence, strength and an intuitive awareness invaluable for solo and ensemble dance and performance. Suitable for ages 16+


Towards Making the Body All Eyes

A workshop drawing on the methods of Phillip Zarrilli and , who I have trained with since 1998, and my own experience over the last 30 years. Hosted by Small World Theatre on July 11th 2015

Towards the body becoming all eyes



URCHIN: Dancing on the Edge

A new project with Crafted Space

Read more through this link:


MeadowBank at Small World Theatre

I’m currently familiarising my bodymind with the top secret wildflower I’ll dance at this… it’s rather gorgeous and very common, though you might not have heard of it! Click on image for a closer look and details


Towards the Body Becoming All Eyes

I will be teaching this one day workshop at Small World Theatre. Click on the image to see details

Jo Shapland workshop

Photos in the woods


more photos here:

…into the woods with some cameras and favourite clothes…


Interview with Jo Shapland on Being in Place

Liberty Martin of the Nightingale Theatre interviewed me about ‘Being in Place’. To read this please go to the Nightingale Blog. And go to written stuff for an unedited version.


I am introducing a new workshop:


Facilitated creative honing workshops for diverse individuals and groups

 Aim: to unearth and distil the crux of your originality: to free the embodied imagination through the cradle of structure: to tap in to a wellspring of creativity.

drawing and note books

Please go to the workshops page for more info…


Being in Place: HOMING PLACE

Homing Place

Homing Place