‘Dance for Neanderthal’ was born of an immediate, intuitive and gut-felt reaction to a drawn musical score. Initially improvising outdoors on a beach and in woodland, the dancers then retreated indoors to embody Simon Thorne’s precisely drawn Neanderthal score. By ‘sculpting’ movement and stillness, Shapland’s choreography reveals individual expressions and sensitive interactions. Moving from heightened inner awareness, three mature dancers, Eeva Maria Mutka, Marega Palser and Jo Shapland, seek to connect at heart level with something elemental and timeless. ‘Dance for Neanderthal’ is a candid and captivating mix of raw and immediate response with gentle pathos and subtly humorous self-deprecation.

‘mesmerising’ Hannah Waldram (The Guardian, Cardiff, March 2010)

Premiered at the Weston Studio, Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff, March 2010

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