Dancing on paper

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Told by the Wind, told In My Own Words

I wrote a little article as a background to my involvement in Told by the Wind. Here’s a link: Told by the Wind in My Own Words

New Dancers in Landscape website

Since 2010 I’ve been a core and founder member of Dancers in Landscape. Now we have a lovely new website Dancers in Landscape


Towards Making the Body All Eyes

Following popular request, this introductory movement class returns to Small World Theatre. Join Jo Shapland for an all day class designed to prepare and awaken your bodymind through Asian martial/meditation arts and dance. This inspiring class includes elements of Chinese t’aichiquan, Indian yoga and the closely related martial art kalarippayatu. It is suitable for people with different levels of physical ability and not necessarily with any previous experience, and it is hoped that long-term practice will build confidence, strength and an intuitive awareness invaluable for solo and ensemble dance and performance. Suitable for ages 16+


Towards Making the Body All Eyes

A workshop drawing on the methods of Phillip Zarrilli and , who I have trained with since 1998, and my own experience over the last 30 years. Hosted by Small World Theatre on July 11th 2015

Towards the body becoming all eyes



URCHIN: Dancing on the Edge

A new project with Crafted Space

Read more through this link:


MeadowBank at Small World Theatre

I’m currently familiarising my bodymind with the top secret wildflower I’ll dance at this… it’s rather gorgeous and very common, though you might not have heard of it! Click on image for a closer look and details


Towards the Body Becoming All Eyes

I will be teaching this one day workshop at Small World Theatre. Click on the image to see details

Jo Shapland workshop

Photos in the woods


more photos here:

…into the woods with some cameras and favourite clothes…


Calan Awst/Lammas/Lughnasadh

Being in Place: The summer turned golden…. For much of it I was verging on feral, immersing myself in more wild places. Right in the middle of this, for Calan Awst/Lammas/Lughnasadh I had a Being in Place gathering at my studio in St Dogmaels: an open studio and the second installation/presentation of the Being in Place Homing Device. It was a warm and generous event, a gathering of neighbours, villagers and others from further afield. I introduced dancer Eeva Maria Mutka to the device and her response and the ensuing conversations, discussions and sharings were rich.  A local musician volunteered to have a go at the device and it was wonderful to witness how his playing transformed. There have been requests for more of these events, so new plottings are afoot….. More on Jo Shapland‘s Major Creative Wales Award here , Photos of the installation in Brighton here

BiP Presentation 10

Being in Place score

Told by the Wind: Last week I was back in Llanarth for a two-day initial re-rehearsal of Told by the Wind. I originally co-created this piece with Kaite O’Reilly and Phillip Zarrilli for The Llanarth Group in 2010. Since then, the performance has toured to Portugal and the US, Germany and Poland. I love returning to this piece that Phillip Zarrilli and I perform. Re-acquainting with the piece involves re-entering it in a tender and subtle way, and I feel that in return its structure holds us. Each return goes deeper.  The piece is outwardly minimal in spoken text and movement, yet there is a great deal of inner work going on, fully resonating with aesthetics of Quietude. We are all looking forward to presenting it in Huddersfield in late October, prior to our Japanese tour this coming November 2013.

The forthcoming tour to Tokyo is an exchange, interaction and collaboration between The Llanarth Group and Okamura Yojiro, Artistic Director of AMI Theatre Company, Tokyo, Japan, and members of their two companies. The exchange/interaction will include performances of The Llanarth Group’s Told by the Wind, performance of a new play by Okamura Yojiro, workshop exchanges, and planning toward a collaborative production in 2014 between the two companies.

Three performances of Told by the Wind will take place in Huddersfield 28 and 29 October 2013, prior to travelling to Tokyo.


This intimate and meditative performance is a requiem for the unseen; a poignant duet across time between two figures who never physically meet…

‘TOLD BY THE WIND is easily the most hypnotic piece of theatre I have experienced’   BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE

The production is performed as part of ‘Being Here: Psychophysical Performance as Mindfulness Practice’ – a four day event at the University of Huddersfield.

This combined with the performances of Told By The Wind provide an exceptional opportunity to experience the work of Philip Zarilli – internationally known for actor training through Asian martial and meditative arts.

Mon 28 October 2013, Time: 20:00 

Tues 29 October 2013. Time: 18:00 and 20:00

Lawrence Batley Theatre

Queen’s Square Queen Street 
Huddersfield HD1 2SP 
01484 430528

Auditorium: University Of Huddersfield Milton Building

Prices: £12 / concessions £10 / students £6