A couple or so of Octobers ago… Jerry Hyde, Nadia Hossein and Jo Shapland went to the woods…. with some cameras and favourite clothes.

…They had fun!

Here are a few of the images…

3Y9B1052web 3Y9B1050web 3Y9B1049web 3Y9B1012web 3Y9B0998web 3Y9B0995web 3Y9B0992web 3Y9B0990web 3Y9B0989web 3Y9B0979web 3Y9B0965web 3Y9B0919web 3Y9B0900web

Jo Shapland - photo by Jerry Hyde 3Y9B1059web 3Y9B1060web 3Y9B1065web 3Y9B1097web 3Y9B1115web 3Y9B1116web 3Y9B1117web 3Y9B1118web 3Y9B1122web 3Y9B1123web 3Y9B1140web 3Y9B1142web 3Y9B1143web 3Y9B1160web 3Y9B1161web 3Y9B1164web 3Y9B0837web 3Y9B0824web 3Y9B0807web 3Y9B0793web 3Y9B0781web 3Y9B0779web 3Y9B0765web 3Y9B0762web 3Y9B0726web 3Y9B0643web 3Y9B0626web 3Y9B0624web 3Y9B0623web 3Y9B0620web 3Y9B0339web 3Y9B0337web

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