The 7 Dials Elm

A beautiful Elm tree was about to be chopped down unnecessarily at Seven Dials in Brighton. Small spontaneous, heartfelt reactions seeded a wave of action to ‘Save Our Tree’. In addition to protestors living in the tree (to prevent any harm being done to it) actions include vigil, petitions, discussions and meetings. There is also creative and ceremonial response that takes a variety of forms, including a Dancers in Landscape day and follow up actions dedicated to the Elm and the National Collection of Elms that Brighton and Hove is home to.

Here are some images of what was offered to the tree on behalf of DiL in solidarity with the tree and the community’s resolve to save it.

More info at


7DialsElm DiL box2

7DialsElm DiL box3

7DialsElm paper ribbon ceremony 1

7DialsElm paper ribbon ceremony 3

7DialsElm paper ribbon ceremony 4

7DialsElm paper ribbon remains1

7DialsElm paper ribbon remains4

7DialsElm paper ribbon1

7DialsElm paper ribbon2

7DialsElm paper ribbon3

7DialsElm paper ribbon4

7DialsElm paper ribbon5

7DialsElm paper ribbon7

7DialsElm paper ribbon8

7DialsElm paper ribbon9

7DialsElm paper ribbon10

7DialsElm paper ribbon11

7DialsElm paper ribbon12

7DialsElm paper ribbon13

7DialsElm paper ribbon6

7DialsElm paper ribbon remains5


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