Fundamentally I create dance through the flow of change in materials and objects, words, film imagery, and the body moving through space. Drawing and sculpture are integral to much of my work. My exploration of materials has incorporated plaster of Paris, charcoal, early photographic techniques (cyanotypes). I have over 35-year experience in life-drawing, both drawer and life model, and drawing dancers. My visual art practice is integrated in my performance and installation making – as part of the manifesting of ideas, as body-modifying costume, as performance residue and documentation that becomes art independent of its origins in performance. The places where my work happens range from ruined farm-buildings to traditional proscenium theatres, from natural wilderness to urban architectural interiors… from arts centre residencies to outdoor activist interventions. There is imagery in other sections of this site and in the links in the filmdance section. These photos here are a small, kind of random selection of my imagery.