Lovely commission during the pandemic, part of National Dance Company Wales’ “Plethu/Weave” series.. https://ndcwales.co.uk/plethu-weave-swyn-gan

“‘Swyn- gân/Summoning’, … is performed, choreographed, and directed by Jo Shapland. Here video editing seems to become part of the dance itself. The Welsh landscape is turned into a series of shots, ingredients to be added to the ‘witch’s cauldron’ evoked by clare e. potter’s poem. As Shapland’s movements allude to ‘the sea’s graffiti’, we are invited to enjoy a landscape where ‘the baptized words are brining’ and to honour the Welsh landscape’s ability to inspire.”

Wales Arts Review


Short filmdances during the height of the pandemic….

Thanks to Groundwork Pro for my Seeds Residency

Corvid 20: https://vimeo.com/470729119

Birdhuman: https://vimeo.com/470793976

Corvid (english words to summon up imagery): https://vimeo.com/470785080

filming on ynys enlli

Lockdown Fantastical


Some sketches from my Seeds Dispersed Residency

Deep gratitude to Ynys Enlli Choughs and other corvids throughout these isles

Thanks to Groundwork Pro for this lovely commission

Hidden Liturgies


Birch Vigil (midsummer eve).

I gaze, long time.

Little Silver and Polypore my field of sensing.
Birth and Death in synergy
for Life regeneration.


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Hidden Liturgies: words
Responses to Traci Kelly – Resisting Borders: Navigating the Liminal


Told By The Wind in Kerala


6 Artists at Bay Art, Cardiff


Return with Bread and Goose

On site installation with my pedestal pieces and performance traces at Dunraven Bay